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I never thought that building a website with all the different possibilities that you could use could be such a daunting task. There is a lot happening behind all the photos, colors, lines, etc etc.

Elementor & WordPress

When I started 90 days ago. I sure am glad took the time to find the right CMS and software solutions for us. It has made a huge difference in the abilities that I have little to none” at building a website. My hats off too WordPress and Elementor for making my time  more productive and fun.


Let me not forget our hosting provider SiteGround. One day I way at our local farmers market getting some veggies, fruits and seafood. I get a call and they said they were Siteground and asked how we were and if there was anything that they could help with to just call a let them know. I was like what just happened? Thank guys that still makes me smile.