Information Membership



Hi, my Eagle family and friends. We will be open starting June 23, 2020. Our times will be 1:00pm to Close as before. With COVID-19 restrictions.

You must be a paid current member and you must be wearing a mask to enter, roam around and leave the Eagles. This is a new State Requirement that went into effect on June 18th. You may take off your mask at your table.

Entrance will be through the back door and the exit will be through the front door. This will assist with guidelines to minimize the crossing of traffic.

DO NOT move any of the tables or chairs. They have been placed according to COVID-19 regulations.

We look forward to seeing you, so come down soon. We are safe and we will be OPEN June 23rd.


We have some more news from Aerie 3389. After countless days of waiting the time has come.

We will be having an Installation of new members that have been waiting so very patient to become members. “Thank You for waiting so patiently.”

This event will be held 5:30pm on June 22nd. Consider this a very soft opening.