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Well it’s been awhile…

Well I know it has been awhile since my last post so here we go.
I have been working on this site a bit in the Newsletter area and the Event area as well. Both programs are great and I recommend them.
Events Calendar
Simple Download Monitor (free)

Upcoming Events


Share with me.


Decorating Today


Thought I might turn it up a notch and decorate our website for Halloween. I think it looks pretty darn cool…


October the 1st has officially arrived.

I have been having a lot of fun putting our website in the Halloween Spirit. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Have fun and have a great Halloween and be sure to check out our site before you return to whatever it is you do.

A few of the really nice images are form some of my favorite artists at Deviantart they have some really talented people over there.

Happy Halloween


Still hungry for even more website do-dads

So, your still hungry for even more after that wonderful breakfast we had this morning. “Thank You very much Russell, Carol & Debbie.”

Well I may have something for you. An RSS, Rich Site Summary feed.

rss feed


Are you asking yourself what the heck is a RSS, Rich Site Summary feed?

Subscribing to a website(s) RSS removes the need for the user to manually check the website for new content.

There are plenty of free RSS readers out there if you do a Google search for them. Personally I use Microsoft Outlook.
If you want my help getting/adding it, just ask me. Secretary Bob

Our RSS feed Link

Fun Stuff Website

Yep it’s true we have a Winner.

First of all thanks for trying to find the prize i mentioned in the recent email I sent to you all. I hope you at least gave it a try.

So the Winner of the BMW i8 was Sally.  I not positive but I think she may have won this using her iPhone? You are true web-surfer a great friend.  “Nice Job”

There were two ways you could have won and they were:


A New Page ?


I just put this online for us see if you are able to find it.. It’s chock -full of all kind of stuff I keep in our Secretary Outlook calendar so if you happen to see something weird it’s probably something I need to-do. Other than that, I hope you might find it as useful as I do.


Off our topic

I never thought that building a website with all the different possibilities that you could use could be such a daunting task. There is a lot happening behind all the photos, colors, lines, etc etc.

Elementor & WordPress

When I started 90 days ago. I sure am glad took the time to find the right CMS and software solutions for us. It has made a huge difference in the abilities that I have little to none” at building a website. My hats off too WordPress and Elementor for making my time  more productive and fun.


Let me not forget our hosting provider SiteGround. One day I way at our local farmers market getting some veggies, fruits and seafood. I get a call and they said they were Siteground and asked how we were and if there was anything that they could help with to just call a let them know. I was like what just happened? Thank guys that still makes me smile.